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Posted by Adventure Boy on January 27, 2010

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I like my Terrordactyl set. It is a HotWheels set that launches a rubber pterodactyl and catches cars. You put a car in a circle of track, and you pull a lever, and it goes around the circle and around the track and if you pull the lever again fast enough, you can get it to go around again. If you do this over and over, you can get it to go around multiple times.

After six go-arounds, the seventh will go off a different track and hit the trigger for the pterodactyl to fly. Sometimes the pterodactyl catches the car.

This is a toy that definitely takes some skill to get it to go around multiple times. You have to pull the lever the exact moment the car hits the switch. This is not a toy for a small child, because it takes some patience to put together and you have to match the letters to put the track together.

I think this is a good toy. it is very entertaining to put together and play.

Hover Disc

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I like my Hover Disc because it’s cool. I like to throw it up in the air and watch it come down. I think I’ve gotten it up to about sixty feet. It goes pretty high when you hold it sideways and throw it. It looks like a UFO. Sometimes Samuel (my cousin) and I both play with our Hover Discs at the same time.

It can fly sideways, and sometimes it turns around in the air and comes back so you don’t have to run after it.

I think it’s made pretty well. Sometimes my cousin and I accidently crash ours together in the air and they have not gotten hurt. We like to play a game where we pretend that it’s a real UFO and we try to keep it from flipping and make it land gently instead of crashing.

It can be filled with helium, but we have always just used air.

I think that everyone would like a Hover Disc. They are cool and fun to play with.